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Why Stick Sunscreens & Hydration Are Vital For Your Skin

When you look at those with ageing, dry and itchy skin, many tend to have the same thing in common. What’s that exactly? Well, when you don’t use stick sunscreens and it’s combined with a lack of hydration, it’s what you’d expect to happen – particularly as your skin is need of both every day of your lives. That applies during all four seasons.

As human beings, we’re made up of approximately 60% water, so it stands to reason that we need to drink plenty of the stuff each day to stay healthy. That equates to around 8 glasses of water each day (not including sodas) – which does take a little planning and focus. But boy is it worth it. 

Stick Sunscreens Help Protect Your Youth

When you go out into the sun with unprotected skin, the sun’s rays can quickly cause long-lasting damage. In fact, if you get sunburn at any point of your life, you chances of developing skin cancer go up exponentially. This applies as an adult or a child. 

Stick sunscreens are important in protecting the three layers of your skin; the epidermis, the dermis and your subcutaneous tissue. UV rays can cause untold problems and it’s just so avoidable. Knowing things like the fact that sun damage happens when it’s sunny AND cloudy are key.

Hydration Matters So Much

Also, when you neglect your hydration, the uppermost layer becomes rough and lacking in elasticity – simply because it doesn’t contain enough moisture. It’s easy to forget to drink, as most of us only really think about it when we get thirsty. However, if you can organise yourself to ensure you consume the recommend amount of water, the benefits will be obvious. 

Something else that needs to be considered is that your skin is more resilient when it’s moist and supple. When it’s dry and flaky, it loses much of this resilience, making it more susceptible to infection, dryness, flakiness and a multitude of other issues. Water is the life giver – and that adage certainly applies here. 

Ensuring You Stay Hydrated

A nice side effect of having enough fluid in your body is that your skin will feel soft and smooth. This is primarily due to the skin having enough moisture to rid itself of toxins and carry the necessary nutrients to each of its cells. Of course, drinking enough water is the start, but there are other things you can do to support your skin too…

  • Keep your air conditioning/heating turned low
  • Using a moisturizer to lock in moisture after a bath
  • Bathe in warm water – not hot (as it can dehydrate)
  • Consume foods rich in fatty acids

Always Keep Stick Sunscreens & Hydration Close By

The path to younger-looking skin is a clear one, but it must be followed if you want to get a supple, youthful complexion or retain the one you have. Think of it as a math problem that needs to be balanced. A lack of water or sunscreen will tip that balance the wrong way.

As such, you should always keep some sunscreen close by, along with a few bottles of water to ensure that your hydration levels don’t drop. 

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