Using VLOOKUP With Range Criteria

If you have data in a table, you can use the VLOOKUP function to find the value in a specific column. The function works on two or more columns and sorts them in ascending order. If there is only one column in the table, the range is A1:A6. In addition, you can specify an approximate match or an exact match. The first type of match returns the value of the variable.

The second type of query uses the IF function to evaluate the values in a table. The IF function compares the values in the first column to the values in the table. Here, the first column contains the value of Order and the second column is the value of Product. Because the first column contains the value “10251”, the second type of test is true. The third type of search is a range with several columns.

When data is spread across many sheets, users may need to pull data from a particular sheet. For example, the range A2B5 in the CA sheet will return a value in the KS sheet. But this method does not work for every situation. For this type of search, you can use the VLOOKUP INDIRECT formula. This formula is compact and easy to understand. This formula is especially useful for searching for multiple values.

VLOOKUP is a useful function in Excel when a particular value in a row is needed. By using it, you can use it to combine columns, merge rows and columns, and make mailing lists for mailing lists. Another use of this function is to compare ranges. In this case, a single row or column may contain multiple values. Using a range criteria is a powerful way to compare multiple values.

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