Types of Heart Disease

Different types of heart disease affect different parts of the heart. Cardiomyopathy is one of the most common, resulting in a wider left ventricle. It may be caused by a decreased blood flow to the heart, infections, or certain drugs. It can also develop with age. It is more common in men, who are also at higher risk for this disease. You should be aware of the symptoms of each of these heart diseases to prevent the onset of any of them.

There are a number of warning signs of these types of heart disease. Early detection of symptoms is important to improve the patient’s prognosis and to avoid a heart attack. Treatment of heart disease focuses on maximizing the longevity and quality of life. There are several different types of heart disease, so it’s important to know which one affects you the most. If you think you have heart disease, consult your physician to make sure you’re getting the right kind of treatment.

Congenital heart defects include holes in the wall dividing the right and left sides of the heart. These defects can affect the heart and the lungs, and some people develop symptoms after they’re born. The most common congenital heart defects are septal abnormalities, holes in the septum, and pulmonary stenosis. These defects often require surgery to fix. In addition to congenital heart disease, there are other types of heart disease that affect children.

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