Tips For Avoiding the Dangers of Dying on Impact in Car Accidents

The chances of dying on impact in a car accident increase as the speed of the cars involved increases. This speed can kill the driver, passenger, and pedestrian immediately upon impact. The NSW Center for Road Safety recently published data that illustrates the dangers of speed in crashes. The data are presented in kilometres per hour, or miles per hour. If you are worried about the risks of speed, consider these tips to minimize the risk of dying on impact.

Your seatbelt is your first line of defense in a frontal collision. It supports your torso and prevents contact with the steering wheel. A seatbelt that does its job correctly will prevent a broken collar bone. However, timing is crucial for absorbing injuries. If you fail to buckle your seatbelt, you may end up with a broken collar bone, which means you are dying on impact. If you do not buckle your seatbelt properly, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Another common cause of car accidents is driver behavior. The likelihood of dying in a car crash increases as the age and gender of the driver increase. Drivers are more likely to die in an accident if they drive frequently. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Administration reveals that men are three times more likely to die in a car crash than women. Driver behavior accounts for nearly four-fifths of car crashes and is one of the leading causes of death in accidents.

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