The E-Shramik card is an electronic card that migrant workers’ employers give them.
The shramik card is a crucial instrument for guaranteeing that workers in the informal sector have access to necessary benefits like health insurance and pensions. The card has made it easier for individuals to access necessary services and entitlements by giving them a legitimate form of identity.
Both the worker’s personal information and information about their occupation are listed on the card. The card, which is connected to the employee’s bank account, enables cash withdrawals as well as purchases at merchants who accept it.


The Indian government has launched a new programme called E-Shramik Card, which promises to make the process of getting documentation for migrant workers easier and more effective. The system of having different cards for each type of document will be replaced with the card, which will act as a single document. All of the necessary details about the migrant worker, including their name, picture, date of birth, address, and contact information, will be included on the e-Shramik card.

Additionally, the card will be connected to the employee’s bank account so they can receive their pay directly. The e-Shramik card will be good for three years and can be renewed after that time. Anyone who is a registered migrant worker with the Shramik Board may acquire the card, which will be provided by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The e-Shramik card is a much-welcomed effort that would simplify the acquisition of documentation for migrant workers and make it easier for them to access their rights and benefits.


The employee must register on the platform by entering their personal information before they may download their e-Shramik card.
They will receive a user ID and password after registering. They can connect into their account and download their e-Shramik card using these credentials. The electronic Shrimik card will be available in PDF format, which can be printed for future use.
Migrant employees can easily download their e-Shramik cards from the comfort of their homes by following these instructions. Online portals have made it easy for people to apply for documents. Other than shramik card, one could also apply for other documents like birth certificate, caste certificate through online portals.

The e-Shramik card has a five-year expiration date and can be renewed at that time. A variety of government programmes and benefits, including housing, health insurance, food security, etc., are available to cardholders.
The cardholder may also seek relief in the labour court in the event of any disagreement or grievance. As a result, the e-Shramik card is a useful item for migrant workers as it gives them quick access to a number of rights and privileges.

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