Rummy: The Game of Cards

Rummy is a game where you need to match a group of cards of the same rank or same sequence. The goal of Rummy is to build melds which can be either three or four of a kind of the same rank(sets) or more than three cards of the exact suit (runs), and also the first to amass for more points than the rival players. Rummy originated in Mexico in the nineteenth century. For more information about the rummy games, click on

Types of Rummy games

Rummy is one of my favorite games in India. It has become more accessible and popular as it is now available on all smartphones. There are numerous ways you can play and enjoy Rummy with your friends. The different types of Rummy Games are- 13 card rummy, Indian Rummy, Canasta, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Kalooki Rummy, Dummy Rummy, 500 Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, Rummikubh, Contract Rummy, Pool RUMMY, 21 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy.

Three Main Types of Rummy

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The three main types of Rummy games are- 13 Card Rummy, 21 card Rummy, and Gin & Contract Rummy. In India, 13 Card Rummy Game is the most popular variant. There are minor changes in the rules of different types of rummy games. In the 13-Card Rummy Game – each player is given 13 cards, and the rules suggest that at least one impure sequence and one pure sequence will have to be grouped.

In the 21-Card Rummy Game, each player deals with 21 cards and is expected to make at least one pure sequence. In this variant, there is also a penalty system in which if a player drops out before playing a hand, that player will receive a 30-point penalty. In this variant of Rummy, there are lower jokers and upper jokers. The upper joker is four if the cut joker is five and the lower joker is 3. The lower and upper jokers can substitute any card to form an impure sequence.

Gin rummy – only 2 to 4 players play in this variant of Rummy. The players deal with ten cards. The A Card can also be considered the 1st card, followed by 2 and 3. In this Rummy, a player can win without having a good set of cards.

How To Play Rummy

It is a 15-minute-long game. There can be two players or more than five players. These cards are ordered from K (high) to A(low). You get all the detailed facts at rummy game begins with the player extreme on the left and goes in a clockwise direction. The card placed at the top is turned up and becomes the up card. The player needs to draw the card from the top of the existing stock or take the last top card from the discard pile and can add it to his hand. If a player does not hope to keep a meld, he releases one card, face up, onto the discard pile, or if the player has drawn a card from the discard pile, a player might want a different card on that turn. The play wins when they get rid of all the cards they had in their hands at once, without previously having to put down or lay off any card. In such an event, other players pay double -what the opponents would otherwise pay.

Tips And Tricks To Play Rummy

If you want to Ace your rummy games, follow these few simple tips and tricks –

  1. Choosing the Right Table
  2. Prioritize creating a pure sequence
  3. Creating an illusion for your opponents
  4. Bluff
  5. Keep your opponents from reading or seeing your combination.
  6. Please keep the high-value cards. Let them go
  7. You must know when to drop out
  8. The most crucial step is to practice and watch how other players play
  9. Remember which cards you discarded -all the master players of Rummy have this skill
  10. Keep a close eye on your opponents -which cards they choose and which they discard

Advantages Of Playing Rummy

Playing Rummy has many advantages as well as many disadvantages.

The benefits of playing Rummy are-

  • It acts as a stress buster
  • You have a good memory power
  • You have analytical and decision-making skills
  • Rummy formulates you to be a better competitive person
  • You can enjoy your free time.

Rummy is not a game of luck but a game of skills. Better practice makes you a better player of Rummy. You have to be confident and play smartly without showing any emotions. You can enjoy Rummy Games online as well as offline with your friends. There are many sites and apps where you can play Rummy. Rummy is a game that provides entertainment and a good source of income. By playing Rummy, you can earn a considerable amount of cash. This game tests your memory power and sharpness, as you must remember all the cards your opponent chose and discarded. It would help if you played Rummy responsibly and were playing within limits. Playing Rummy without any limitations can be very addictive.

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