Red Tiger Slot Games: Most Rewarding Options to Win on Maxim88 Malaysia

Choosing to register and access online casino Malaysia on Maxim88 is like finding a one-stop shop for all your betting needs. The Malaysia casino offers every necessary product and service to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. The website is user-friendly and equipped with useful features to stake bets and win games. The games and bets are provided by globally renowned providers. 

Speaking about online game providers on Maxim88 casino, Red Tiger is one of the best in the online entertainment industry. The online game provider was established in 2014 by gaming veterans and professional teams who are dedicated to highly rewarding games. Red Tiger is composed of graphic designers, mathematicians, software developers, gambling experts, and audio engineers. Hence, it is not surprising that the slot game Malaysia from Red Tiger are fair, superb, and safe. 

On Maxim88, every registered member has access to more than 150 slot games from the Red Tiger brand. All the games feature high Return to Player (RTP) percentages, helpful guides, and appealing graphics. The games feature immersive sounds that would make you play more and more. Thus, players often find it tricky to get started or choose a preferred option from Red Tiger’s incredible slot game catalogue. In this regard, it would be helpful to consider one or two of the following top 5 most rewarding slot games from Red Tiger on Maxim88 for a start. Let’s begin. 

1. 777 Strike

Here is one of the finest gaming products from Red Tiger. 777 Strike is accessible on multiple devices, including Desktop computers, tablets, and Smartphones. Also, the game can be played in various languages. However, the true beauty of the game is embedded in the quality and features. 777 Strike features ten paylines with five reels and three rows. In other words, you can win money in different ways. The arcade-themed game enables players to win 2,500 times their basic bet. 

Since 777 Strike was released in 2021, it kept ramping up us players in Malaysian and across Asia. This is largely due to special features, including Random Wilds, Locked Wilds, and Free Spins. Betting on 777 Strike is similar to playing any other slot game, but the incredible multiplier and features make it a highly productive slot game option to explore. For instance, the free spin that comes with win spins and wild guarantees for wins for players. 

2. Cash Ultimate

This classic slot game was released in April 2021 with incredible anticipation before launching. Cash Ultimate promises players a chance to win 5000 times their basic bet and delivers. More so, players can win from thirty different paylines. In the Red Tiger slot game, players must navigate winnings on five reels by three rows gameboard. Additionally, Cash Ultimate is designed with Cash Lock, Cash Bloxx, and Cash Ultimate features.

The Cash Ultimate symbol enables gamers to climb the ladder that leads to incredible battery-busting wins. However, unlocking any extras or wins requires staking your bets. To play the Cash Ultimate slot game, you need to stake and pull the lever. If you can manage to land the matching symbols, you win. And it may also help unlock extra features. Cash Ultimate is approved by multiple licensing organizations, including Malta Gaming Authority. 

3. Regal Streak

While Regal Streak does not have as many paylines as those discussed above, the reward in the game is significantly higher. The classic-themed game features five reels and three rows. Although the volatility is quite high, players can win 9,500 times their bets on the game. Regal Streak was released in Jan 2021. Yet, it has gained more popularity and wide acceptance than many slot games in Malaysia and several regions in Asia. The visually appealing game does not require any technical know-how to play and claim wins. 

Regal Streak requires landing three Regal Streak crowns to claim fifteen free spins. Also, a random symbol will be selected as the Multiplier symbol. For every win, you get a multiplier symbol that raises your multiplier bar progress to land a massive multiplier win. In other words, players can win a life-changing sum overnight by engaging Regal Streak from Red Tiger on Maxim88 Malaysia. As with other slot games from Red Tiger, Regal Streak is compatible with many devices and available in different languages. 

4. Crystal Mirror

This Luxe-themed slot game was released in August 2020 by Red Tiger. It features 20 paylines, six reels, and four rows. So, players have a significantly high chance of winning for every spin in the game. For every stake, members can win 5,000 times their bets on Crystal Mirror. The increasingly popular slot game can be accessed on Desktop computers, Tablets, Android smartphones, and Apple devices. Also, you can access the language in English, Malay, Korean, Portuguese, etc. 

Only on Crystal Mirror will you find replicated reels giving a memorable slot gaming experience. The slot game enables players to stake their preferred amount for bets and spin it. If you manage to land matching symbols in the game, you get to claim massive winnings. Players can expect fair and quality as it’s designed with the latest security technologies and software from Red Tiger. Crystal Mirror receives the recognition that it deserves due to rewarding extras, including Mirror Reels, Super Wild, Free Spins, and Nudge.

5. Bombuster

Here is an arcade-themed game from Red Tiger with medium volatility and a fair hit rate. Bombuster features seven reels and seven rows. The paylines are in clusters, you can expect unusually pleasing rewards from the game. Bombuster has continued to win over players since its release in August 2020. By choosing to play Bombuster, you have the chance to win 2000 times your basic bet in the game. 

As the name suggests, Bombuster is designed with bombs, Wild bombs, Swap bombs and destroy bombs. Each feature gives sizeable winnings and freebies during the game. For instance, a specific blast pattern emerges when a bomb lands. This will lock in a random spin, but the number of spins depends on the colour that emerges. In some cases, you may trigger other bombs, and land more wins if the initial bomb reaches the border. 


From 777 Strike, Cash Ultimate, Regal Streak, Crystal Mirror, to Bombuster, these Red Tiger slot games offer incredible winnings. They are not only contemporary games but feature massive RTP. Players can play with a small amount. However, depending on your bankroll, you may also stake a significant amount for higher rewards. Feel free to choose any of the games above during your slot game experience on Maxim88 casino.

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