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When it comes to podiatrist salary reddit, a little bit goes a long way. It is important to remember that many podiatrists work as solo practitioners and don’t have the same job security as a partner. That said, some podiatrists work in hospitals, which can lead to even less job security. While there are many reasons to be cautious when relying on these figures, the following are the most significant.

The average salary of a podiatrist is less than $300k. A solo practitioner making this much may be mediocre, but that doesn’t mean that he or she can’t earn $300k. However, in some states, the average salary for a podiatrist is closer to $100k than $400k. And while $400k isn’t unheard of, it is possible to make that much as a podiatrist, and it’s certainly not impossible.

If you’re thinking about becoming a podiatrist, know that it’s not for everyone. This field requires a lot of physical work and isn’t as diverse as medical school. In addition, you’ll be working on people’s feet and ankles for a long time. And the salary is right, too, with a good bonus package. If you have the desire and the patience, you could also become a podiatrist.

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