Living Synonyms

If you are looking for a synonym for living, look no further. This page will provide you with synonyms for Living and the definition of each. If you can’t find a synonym for living, try looking up similar words in your local dictionary. You can also check out the American Heritage Dictionary, 5th edition. By definition, alive means “having life”. It also means active, full of activity, and lively. Here are some examples of living synonyms:

The living meaning in English is zndh (Zinda). This term has several synonyms, such as Animation, Keep, Live, Support, and Sustenance. Another synonym for living is living estate. Living means to sustain or maintain something. A living definition is a standard of the life a person leads. The word living has various other meanings, including “standard of living.”

In biology, symbiosis is a close association between two species that are mutually beneficial. It’s a long-term association between species. Researchers found commensal gut bacteria in infected mice. These bacteria are called commensal. In addition to being beneficial, symbiosis is subject to predation. In this sense, lichen is a type of mutualism.

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