Keyboard Tricks that Mac users Must Know

A keyboard shortcut refers to a combination of keys using which individuals can perform specific tasks instantly on their computer. There are certain keys on a keyboard when pressed together, executing actions that otherwise would have taken more time and effort.

As per The Tech Wire, using keyboard shortcuts offers numerous benefits to users, including enhanced productivity, smooth multitasking, etc. Every major operating system, including macOS and Windows, features keyboard shortcuts as an accessibility feature.

Here is a detailed look at some of Mac’s most useful keyboard tricks using which users can work more productively and efficiently:

  • Shut Down Mac Instantly

There are times when Mac users do not have enough time to shut down their computers manually. Fortunately, there is an effective keyboard trick using which they can instantly power off their Mac within seconds whenever they are in a hurry.

To shut down their Mac quickly, all a user needs to do is press the “Control,” “Option,” “Command,” and “Power” keys together. Although this trick shuts down a Mac quickly, users should ensure that they review and save all important files before executing it since using the shortcut without doing so may result in data loss.

  • Add Symbols and Special Characters

Special characters and symbols come in handy for representing or denoting quantities of specific things. Moreover, they are also used to ascertain qualitative aspects of things. Although macOS does not offer dedicated Alt codes to input special symbols or characters, there are multiple foolproof ways following which users can enter special characters and symbols.

An effective way of doing so is by pressing the “Control,” “Command,” and “Spacebar” keys together. This will bring up the special characters pop-up menu using which users can input the required symbol or character without hassle. Besides this, users can also create customized keyboard shortcuts for entering special characters wherever required.

  • Put Mac to Sleep

When users wish to take a break from working on their Mac, they generally put their Mac to “Sleep” or turn off their Mac’s display without completely shutting the device down. Although the manual method of doing so is not complex, it takes more time and effort to get the job done. An effective alternative is to press the “Option,” “Command,” and “Power” keys together.

Although some Macs feature dedicated Alt keys, some models feature “Option” keys instead of Alt keys. This may confuse users, especially when they wish to put their Mac to sleep or perform other activities that require the key’s involvement. To avoid confusion, users should note that the alt on Mac keyboard is generally the third key from the left side.

  • Instantly Close Active Applications

Most users, when it comes to closing applications, follow the conventional method, i.e., they navigate the cursor to the screen’s top and click on the “Close” button to get the job done. However, there is an effective alternative to do it.

To close an active application instantly, all users need to do is press the “Command” and “Q” keys together. Using the keyboard trick will instantly shut down the application and take the user back to the desktop.

  • Open Safari’s Address Bar Directly

macOS’ native Safari web browser is one of the best browsers that offers users a lightning-fast Internet-browsing experience. Moreover, it packs in all the necessary features any user could ask for. Like all other browsers, Safari features an address bar using which individuals can navigate to websites directly or search the Internet for anything.

What most users do not know is that they can directly jump to the address bar without needing to manually navigate to it. All they need to do is press the “Command” and “L” keys together. Doing so will take them directly to Safari’s address bar, where they can search for anything. It is a great keyboard trick that allows users to save both time and effort.

  • Take Screenshots

Taking a screenshot is a highly effective way of capturing the screen’s content and saving or sharing it with others. Capturing the screen’s content on a Mac is very simple and easy, i.e., users simply need to use the “Command,” “Shift,” and “4” keys together to take a screenshot. This keyboard hack captures the entire screen of the Mac.

Besides this, users can also take the screenshot of a specific portion of their screen. All they need to do is press the “Command,” “Shift,” and “4” keys and select the portion whose content they wish to capture. This keyboard hack comes in handy when users only require the information present on a specific portion of the screen.

With the help of keyboard shortcuts, users can work and perform tasks more productively. Therefore, any individual who owns a Mac and wishes to get more work done in less time should use the effective aforementioned hacks.

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