How companies think about ESG. And why it’s important to ethical investors

The concept of ESG in the corporate sector has gradually gained traction over the years. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a term that describes non-financial factors that investors, companies, and other stakeholders consider when evaluating a company’s performance and sustainability.

ESG has become an increasingly important consideration for companies, as investors are looking beyond traditional financial metrics to assess a company’s long-term health and stability. Here are some ways how companies think about ESG.

1. Environmental

Companies are increasingly aware of their operations’ impact on the environment and are taking steps to adopt sustainable practices. This may include things like reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy sources, and minimizing waste.

2. Social

The second way how companies think about ESG is in terms of the social impact of their operations. They are taking steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensure safe and fair working conditions for employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This may include implementing anti-discrimination policies, offering training and development programs, and providing fair wages and benefits.

3. Governance

How companies think about ESG is also in regard to governance. Companies are careful with the governance practices that govern their operations and are taking steps to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. This may include having independent board members, disclosing financial and non-financial information to stakeholders, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

How ESG is Important to Ethical Investors

The people’s and planet’s future has become a significant concern for governments, economies, and communities. Unethical business practices, carbon emissions, social inequality, and deforestation are some of the worldwide issues that need to be addressed. Ethical investors have realized the negative impact of different firms’ operations on society and the environment and try not to invest in them. Here is how ESG is important to these investors.

1. Provides a framework for assessing a company

ESG factors are crucial to ethical investors because they provide a framework for evaluating a company’s impact on the world beyond financial returns. Ethical investors want to invest in companies that are not only profitable but also have a positive impact on society and the environment.

2. Enables easy decision making

Once an ethical investor is satisfied by the ESG factors of a company, it becomes easier for them to make an investment decision. ESG allows them to make informed decisions about which companies align with their values and goals. Ethical investors encourage companies to improve their ESG performance by using their investment money as leverage. This can ultimately lead to a more sustainable and socially responsible economy.


In general, companies that are thinking about ESG are taking a long-term view of their business and are focused on building sustainable and resilient operations. They are recognizing that addressing environmental, social, and governance factors is not only important for the planet and society but also for the long-term success of their business. Companies that prioritize ESG are also likely to be more attractive to investors who are increasingly looking for companies committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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