Bison fortune ox takes the big jackpot in pg

Bison fortune ox takes the big jackpot in PG to play online gambling games. Easy to win, easy to make profits with PGSLOT168, a website that offers slots 24 hours a day, a bison slot game from a big and kind camp like PG SLOT open to play and make money. Make profits unceasingly with an easy-to-play game not difficult to understand It is also contained in the website of the best service PGSLOT168. Play and bonuses come quickly. The jackpot is definitely easy to break!

Fortune ox slot game bull sweepstakes all day

Fortune Ox, the cow god slot game, the best online slot game from PG SLOT that is the most interesting game. It’s a hit game. The best money making game on Because this game has RTP above 96.75%, it can be called the best lucky game for the whole year 2021-2022. It also has X10 feature and bull feature. that will randomly issue free spins Play it and you will definitely like it. We go to get to know this game through Let’s review the Fortune Ox slot game!

Information about fortune ox game

Review of Fortune Ox slot game, Bull God, another online slot game. that you should not miss The game has a 3 reel structure with 3 rows left and 3 right and 4 rows in the middle. The game from PG SLOT the number 1 game software maker with over a hundred games to choose from. In which we will review for you to see how the Fortune Ox slot game is worth playing and why it has been classified as a popular online slot game.

1. Symbols and payout rates

The Fortune Ox slot game consists of 7 betting symbols. Each symbol has a different payout rate. with a maximum PG SLOT payout of 200 times and a minimum of 3 times, which consists of the following symbols

– Bull God – This is the Wild symbol with the highest payout in this game, 200 times.

– Yuan Bao’s Golden Ingot – 100 times payout rate

– Gold Chest with Coin Holes – 50 times payout rate

– Gold bag, coin hole – payout rate 20 times

– Red envelope envelope – payout rate 10 times

– Orange Mongkol – payout rate 5 times

– Firecrackers win – are the lowest paying symbols in the game. There is a payout rate of 3 times

2. 10 multiplier payout feature

Whenever a player spins the slot all the same symbols are obtained. Players will receive special prize money. An example is to spin, the auspicious orange symbol can get all bet lines. The system will pay an additional 10 times the PG SLOT amount of money. Spin the slot with money 100 baht per game. Orange payout 5 times the total amount played, the amount is 100×5 = 500 baht, receive 10 times, get 5,000 baht.

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