A Guide to the Moonlight Sculptor: Strategies for Allocating Attributes

In Moonlight Sculptor, the equipment that characters equip needs to meet certain attribute requirements. Leather armor usually requires Agility, while Plate Armor demands Strength. Generally, it is seen that Sculptors and Archers use leather armor and Mages rely on magical armor. Nevertheless, there are exceptions, since some higher-level hunting grounds require some Mages to carry Plate Armor for better survivability. Therefore, it is advised not to just allocate all the points to Agility or Strength when deciding character attributes. Instead, it is wise to base the decision on one’s own gameplay preferences and whether they focus more on PvE or PvP. The following recommendations are only a suggestion and may not be 100% accurate.

The emphasis for Warriors is on fortitude and quickness:

Once the strength requirement of 70 is met, warriors must put forth the necessary effort to become more agile in order to up their accuracy. Research has shown that attributes have significant impacts on this:

– Capabilities: Assault strength, health points, the amount of weight a backpack can carry, amount of use a weapon and armor can withstand.

– Agility: Being accurate, having a high critical strike rate, and having the ability to evade.

It is suggested that:

  1. Combining Agility (with an accuracy range of 105-115%) and Strength will help to achieve a Strength level of 70.
  2. All Agility and 70 Strength

When assessing themselves, Paladins should take into account their strength, constitution, and agility.

In order to be a Paladin, you must have Constitution to don weapons and shields, and Strength to don armor. Accuracy is another important factor, and so Agility should be a priority. When allocating points, focus on Constitution for weapons and shields, Agility for accuracy, and Strength for armor. Anything else can be compensated for with food or equipment. Taking into consideration the primary effects of attributes, here is the recommended allocation.

– The Constitution meets both the needs for protective armor and armaments.

– Advantages: Meets armor wear requirements and offers attack power.

– Agility entails being exact, having a high frequency of successful strikes, and the ability to elude.

It is suggested that:

Armor with a legendary rating requires Constitution 70 and Strength 65, with all Agility thereafter.

  1. All Constitution is needed to have a strength of 65 and agility (with an accuracy of 105-115%).
  2. Requiring Legendary Armor wear, which needs Strength 65, reset all Agility points -> use a potion -> then evenly distribute points to Constitution, Agility, and Strength.

It has become necessary for mages to don plate armor in order for them to stay alive.

Mages who wish to don magical armor and legendary magic staffs must meet the intelligence requirement of 73. To make up for the high accuracy requirement for high-level players, wisdom should be invested in. Furthermore, lizards can be used as shields or plate armor can be worn to boost survivability. When the basic accuracy requirement has been fulfilled, it is advised to increase maximum MP and MP recovery through wisdom. Taking into account the main effects of attributes:

– When it comes to intelligence, it is important to consider factors such as attack power, critical strike rate, magical staff and the armor wear requirements.

– Abilities associated with wisdom are accuracy, increased maximum MP, MP recovery, and evasion.

A representation of the Moonlight Sculptor can be seen in this image. This picture showcases what the famed artwork looks like.

It is suggested that:

The combination of Intelligence 73 and Charm 33 is necessary to gain all Wisdom; the former being the requirement for legendary weapon wear and the latter for capturing lizards.

Start by allocating some points to Strength, then use a reset potion, followed by adding 73 to Intelligence, and finish with all points devoted to Wisdom.

Agility should be the primary focus of archers when investing in their skillset.

Archers, functioning as effective damage-dealers from a distance, do not need to prioritize strength in order to equip plate armor. Instead, they should invest in agility, which will grant them higher attack power and accuracy. As far as charm goes, it should be increased to a range of 28-33, due to the main effects of attributes.

– Agility contributes to increased attack potency, precision, tendency to land critical hits, and the ability to dodge incoming attacks.

– Having charm increases the likelihood of being able to tame a pet and grants additional powers to the pet.

The following is suggested as the ideal distribution:

  1. Utmost Flexibility.
  2. Start with Charm 33, then increase Agility to the maximum level with a reset potion.

Pets can be made stronger through the use of Agility 70 Charm.

At the start of their career, sculptors start off as a no-class character but, after being a sculptor for a while, they ascend to a hidden class.

Sculptors who are uncertain if they should invest in strength or agility are suggested to prioritize agility. This will give them a greater chance of hitting their target, and a higher rate of critical strikes and evasion. The passive skill of the sculptor’s expert skill with a short sword will boost physical and magical attack power, as agility is increased. A distribution ratio of 4:1 or 3:2 with constitution is a good idea after reaching 70 agility. Although a mage-type, long-range play-style is attractive, the main magic skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds, meaning wisdom is also needed to increase accuracy. To summarize, attributes are best used in the following way: agility for hitting the mark, strength for damage, and wisdom for magic accuracy.

– Power: Offensive capability.

– Dexterity: Strength in attacking, precision, frequency of critical strikes, and being able to dodge.

It is suggested that:

  1. Utmost Speed.

For Agility of 70 or higher (with an accuracy of 105-115%), one should focus on Strength alone.

It is recommended that if Agility 70 or higher is achieved (accuracy 105-115%) that the points be distributed evenly between Strength and Constitution in either a 4:1 or 3:2 ratio.


In Moonlight Sculptor, it is essential to add occupational attributes, however, this relates to the equipment one wishes to fit. It is important to pick the way one adds points depending on what is necessary. The above points should only be used as a guide. To find out more about Moonlight Sculptor, one can download Redfinger’s Android emulator from the CloudEmulator website.

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