7 Common Issues with RO Water Purifiers and How to Fix It

RO Water purifier is a familiar name in the market and has been included as one of the must-have items among kitchen appliances. A water purifier is a machine that provides safe drinking water so that you and your family can be safe from the clutches of water-borne diseases. The reverse osmosis (RO) system filters water through multiple stages in order to remove various pollutants.

A thin membrane made of polymer filters out salt, chemicals, and other impurities. This membrane is porous and only lets the safe elements pass through. They accumulate impurities on the other side. And they are removed through an output pipe. It would be best if you kept the water purifier in good condition to guarantee to receive clean and safe drinking water.

It is common for machines to get a disruptive function. These complex machinations malfunction due to various factors like dirt and dust, extensive use etc. Even though Kent RO service in Hyderabad are accessible and affordable, you can fix them anytime.

This article lists seven frequent problems with RO purifiers and their solutions so that you can know how, why and what is wrong with the RO at your home!

Complete Breakdown of the Purifier:

Sometimes, water purifiers stop working and not a drop of water falls. There’re a few reasons behind it.

  • The power button is off.
  • No electric supply.
  • Problem with the adapter.

The power button might be malfunctioning. It is either left off mistakenly, or the electric supply needs to be more sufficient to do the filtration.

Drips or Leakage:

One of the most frequent issues is water leaking from RO systems. The water is leaking, possibly due to the pipe connectors’ loose connections. Make sure the entire pipe fittings are installed properly.

Contact a RO expert if you see any drips or leaks. If a leak in a water purifier is not fixed right away, it could cause a lot of issues.

The Auto Shut-Off Feature Isn’t Working:

Usually, RO automatically stops the purification process when the water storage tank reaches a certain level. It is the auto shut-off feature. But the issue with it lets the water flow insistently without shutting off. The storage tank would overflow with water as a result of this.

This is a technical glitch that could be addressed by a technician. Kent water purifier services near me in Hyderabad would give multiple results. You can contact any of those.


Water purifiers continue the filtration process continuously. And the dirt, dust and contaminants get filtered out to the membrane. The impurities sometimes get clogged, and the water flow is interrupted. It, too, happens with the output pipe due to the continuous removal of those impurities.

Slow Water Flow:

Each filter in the RO purifier is designed to remove a particular kind and size of impurity. These filtered contaminants accumulate on the membrane surface of the filter. These contaminants build up as a persistent coating on the filter surface, obstructing water flow if the filters are not cleaned or replaced promptly. The places with the worst water quality are those where this issue is most prevalent.

Coloured Water with an Odour:

Water purifiers remove the impurities that give the water colour or odour. Water is transparent. However, when consuming RO water, if you detect a change in the flavour or aroma. The presence of chlorine, which smells, is the most frequent source of poor taste and smell. If the filters are not adequately filtering the water, this can occur. As a result, the water has a typical taste and scent.

Get a thorough filter change, and replace it in case the problem worsens to get rid of this problem.

Vibration or Noise in the Purifier:

Several components of a RO pump, including bearings, move rapidly to produce the necessary water pressure for RO filtration. These pieces become noisy and cause many vibrations due to the constant movement and increased friction. Any loose parts could produce much noise.


Regular maintenance is the only solution to avoid such problems. You can get an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) to check the purifier 4 to 5 times a year without hassle. Moreover, many technicians arrive at your doorstep to check the purifier. Any issue with the purifier affects the water, which is a big part of your health and well-being. A little extra cautiousness would not harm.

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