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4 Reasons to Hide Likes On Instagram

Instagram is the biggest platform for social media users to share their pictures and updates with their followers. However, Instagram has recently introduced a feature allowing users to choose if they want to hide their likes from other people by enabling a settings option. While some may think this isn’t necessary, there are plenty of reasons why hiding likes can be beneficial. For instance, having the ability to hide Instagram likes prevents users from gaining false validation from other people’s opinions on the content they post. 

Furthermore, it gives the Instagram user more control over who can view how many likes they got on a specific post by preventing followers and non-followers from seeing any metrics associated with their posts. 

Four reasons why you should hide likes on Instagram

1) Focus on Quality Content Over Quantity of Likes 

By hiding likes, businesses are able to create content that resonates with their customers without worrying about how many people are actually showing appreciation. Indeed, likes are one of the key performance indicators (KPIs). However, focusing only on metrics won’t let businesses to create quality content. 

Instead of posting content just because they think it will get lots of likes, they can focus on creating content that truly reflects their brand values and what they want to stand for. This will encourage creators to post diverse content. One way to do this is to share TikTok videos on Instagram. They can use SSSTikTok tool to download videos from TikTok and share them on other platforms without watermark. This helps businesses connect more authentically with their followers and builds trust between brands and customers tv bucetas.  

2) Level The Playing Field For Smaller Brands 

Hiding likes can help level the playing field for smaller brands who don’t have big budgets for influencer campaigns or paid ads. By removing the focus from likes, smaller brands can compete against bigger ones without having to worry about being outspent by larger companies. This way, everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed based on quality rather than quantity of likes. So, if you started a real estate business and want to promote it on Instagram, go ahead, as you have the same equal opportunity as other big agencies. 

3) Reduced Pressure On Followers To Like Posts 

When followers don’t see how many people have liked a post, there is less pressure from them to show appreciation in the form of a like or comment – which can be freeing for both parties involved! They don’t feel like they need to “keep up” with others or like posts just because everyone else is doing so; instead they can freely interact with posts as they choose without any external pressures guiding them along the way.  

4) More Engagement From Followers 

Finally, hiding likes encourages more engagement from followers since there isn’t as much emphasis placed on quantity of interactions (likes). When followers don’t have an exact number in front of them telling them how many people engaged with a post before them, they are more likely to comment or engage in other ways such as sending direct messages or visiting websites that link back from posts. This increased engagement helps build relationships between brands and customers that last beyond just one interaction!  


Hiding your likes on Instagram might seem counterintuitive at first but it could actually be beneficial for your business in the long run! By removing emphasis from quantity of interactions (likes), businesses can focus more on providing quality content that resonates with their customers while also increasing engagement and reducing pressures felt by followers. So if you’re looking for ways to take your social media presence up a notch this year – start by considering whether or not hiding your likes is right for you!

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