3 Ways to Change Outlook to Show a High Importance Message

High importance Outlook messages will appear as red exclamation points next to your inbox. However, there are some ways to change your Outlook to show a high importance level message. By following these steps, you can set the importance level of any message. In this guide, we’ll cover three ways to change the outlook’s high importance setting. These techniques are universal, and will work for most versions of Outlook. Using the high importance Outlook setting will help you to send more important messages to your recipients.

Setting an email as High Importance will make it stand out, allowing your recipient to read and respond quickly. It doesn’t change the content of the message. You’ll still be able to read and respond to it as usual. This option will make your e-mail appear more prominently on the Inbox tab, but the actual content will not change. You should make sure to change the email’s subject line to reflect its high importance status.

To set the property “high importance” in Outlook, you should click on the i icon in the lower right corner of the message window. The i icon means that more information is needed or the message is conflicting. This option will be visible if you sync Outlook with an Exchange server or your PDA. Also, you should check for a blue arrow icon when downloading a message. If this happens, you’ll want to re-sync Outlook to your PDA.

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